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You are welcome to leave a private message here or you can go to the Contact Page on my website which is private and confidential and fill in your details so that I can get back to you. I look forward to talking with you about any issue or topic that you need support with in your life. I work with folks who suffer from PTSD and I do a lot relationship counselling. I also write up hormone readiness assessments.
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And break out of that "rest deficit."
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This is beautiful.
William Trubridge
The birth of our first child, Mila, also gave birth to a story about the importance of water in our lives; about the importance of informing and empowering women so they can make their own choices when it comes to the birth of their children. We were lucky that we could benefit from the New Zealand childbirth system, that has become a paragon for other nations due in a large part to the values and methods used by NZ midwives. Please share this story, so that other prospective mothers around the world might realise that there may be alternatives to what they have been told about childbirth. And so that we can also remember how magical an element is water: mother to us all.
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I agree with the folks at the Shanti Centre, good know we are on the right track or is that trek ?😊
I practice gratitude everyday and I agree with the research that says it is one simple step to help ward off depression. Not so sure about improved sleep though. 😊
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